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Feed is one of the main routes of transmission of microorganisms. Bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli or Campylobacter, fungi or viruses can contaminate it and cause serious consequences in all productive phases, affecting animal health and performance and putting public health at risk. A good biosecurity plan in feed mills, including a good management and the inclusion of feed additives, is necessary to control pathogens while improving farm zootechnical parameters. Adiveter is leader in feed safety, providing to the market adapted solutions based on innovative products, latest technology on dosing equipments and analytical service. Salmocid-F is a blend of formaldehyde and organic acids for the control of the main pathogens in feed, available in liquid and powder format. It maintains Salmonella negative status for up to 21 days. It is also highly effective against the most important microorganisms present in animal feedstuffs, including bacterias and virus (ASF and PED)


Salmocid-F is significantly more effective against the major pathogens than combinations of organic acids. At a dose of 0.5 kt/t it achieves the same sanitising effect as 3 and 6 kg/t of the main organic acids on the market. Studies presented to the EFSA show that diets treated up to 4 kg / t Salmocid-F are perfectly tolerated by the animals. It was also  observed that, the use of Salmocid-F achieved an increase in overall farm productivity, with improvements of more than 4 % in FCR in field trials. At a dose of 2kg /t, improvements in animal performance are showed. It is also shown its effectiveness to inactivate ASF virus: for concentration of only 0,5 mg/ml of Salmocid-F, a reduction factor greater than 4 decimal logarithms is achieved after 24 hours.