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We face a new industrial revolution whose objective is to achieve new manufacturing systems that allow greater customization, integrated solutions and the adaptation of both products and services to customers. In this new era of digitalization, technology plays a very important role in information, allows a rapid lecture of data, and avoids human error, thus optimizing the production process.

The incorporation of Industry 4.0 allows feed mills to be more competitive, aligning them with market trends and enabling further growth in the sector.

Feed moisture level control plays a fundamental role in the production process of feed mills and has an impact on the overall profit of the plants, also affecting its safety, nutritional value and shelf life. The real-time adjustment and monitoring of the moisture level in the final feed allows a greater homogenization of the finished product and increases its quality.

Adiveter, whose main objective is to help our customers to produce safe and efficient feed, has developed cutting-edge technology for moisture level control through Big Data, equipment and data management tools to automate the moisture level of the feed and the feed production process: the Pellet Plus On-line system. The digitization process allows generating additional value to the data, generating more interpretable and immediate information, maximizing the benefit of our customers.

Pellet Plus On-line System: On time measurement of the moisture level through the installation of a sensor in the mixer. SCADA control computer interrelates the moisture values detected by the sensor with the target moisture value depending on the type of feed manufactured. Based on these values, the SCADA control computer determines the required amount of Re-Hydra Pro solution to be used in the dosing equipment.

Re-Hydra Pro is a surfactant and wetting solution developed by Adiveter with more than 15 years in the market, based on a unique combination of surfactants and organic acids that increases pellet durability and optimizes and homogenizes the amount of moisture in the final pellet.

Pellet Plus On-line technology brings several advantages to feed mills: 1) Increases pellet quality, production capacity (t/h), pelletizing yield (kwh/t), protein digestibility, metabolizable energy, starch gelatinization, palatability and antimicrobial protection of feed; 2) Decreases: production costs, fines return, energy consumption, roller slippage, die blockage, feed rejection, water activity, die wear.